About Us

About Us

Jiangsu ONWLD Signs Co., Ltd.  which as a professional FACTORY started from 1998 with many years of experiences in production and export.
Currently our main products ranges glass neon sign, led neon sign, neon clock, table neon, led sign and programmed LED Sign, edge lit led signs, light box and neon accessories such as glass neon tube, electrode, end cap, led strip, transformer and adaptor etc. We had established good cooperations with customers come from about 35 countries and districts such as Germany, Uk, USA,Ca, France ,Hk, Australian, Italy,Turkey and so on, and we received good feedbacks.

Jiangsu ONWLD Signs Co., Ltd.  which adheres to the principle of " quality first, price first and services frist ", Depending on complete set of production technology and equipment which had established a perfect quality assurance system, had been a crediable partner of domestic and foreign customers for cooperation.

1998, Launched the factory to make Neon Sign and table neon.
2002, Launched the producing of Neon Clock.
2003, Launched the line of LED Signs.
2010, we launched the new product Programmed LED Signs, Led Writing Flashing Signs.
2011, Address moved to Taicang City Jiangsu Province.
2012, launched the new line of Edge Lit Led Signs.
2013, launched led light box
2016, We changed factory name into Jiangsu ONWLD Signs Co.,Ltd. and add the new product LED NEON Sign.

For some NEON accessories, we are professional manufacturer of them, we design them, owned them and we commission some factories to produce them, so you can get good prices from us.

Try best to create new items with top quality, good prices and excellent services continuely.
What we are, please contact us, welcome to visit our facotry. 

" www.neon-leds.com" being as a online store platform standing for Jiangsu ONWLD Signs Co.,Ltd. devoting to the job of online sales, maintenance for neon sign and led signs.
Adhering to the rules and regulations of Jiangsu ONWLD Signs Co.,Ltd, "quality first", "price first", "service first" for purpose, to provide a professional, safe, fast shopping platform for domestic and foreign customers. We will continue to update the product library, adding new product categories to meet the needs of new and old friends at home and abroad.  

All the brands posted online belong to their own brand owners, we only have responsibility for production, delivery, quality warranty after sale of the product and deal with the issues for damage and replacement. Pictures on the website only as a reference, may not is the real one. 

The final interpretation of all disputes owned by ONWLD Signs company.

For wholesale price list , please contact us