Led Sign

Led Sign

What is the Led Signs: Led Sign that is a panel with many lighting LEDS, and single face to show the letters to people.  Which is so brightness to viewed from outside even if in the daylight, and excellent visibility. 
What is the LEDS: LEDS (light emitting diodes) are solid-state semiconductor devices that can convert electrical energy directly into light .The heart of a led is a cemiconductor chips of which one side is attached on the top of an anvil that is the negative power lead and the other side is connected with a whisker to a positive power lead, it is the most important part of the LED. And it is entirely encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure.
Advantages of Leds : Small size, Lower power consumption, Long Lifetime, Low Heat Emitting.
Disadvantages of LED Signs: In a sign with exposed LEDs, the sign will not be as bright when viewed from sharp side angles. LEDs are said to have a 30 degree viewing angle. Neon is equally bright when viewed from any angle. From a direct "front view" and slight angles, LED is brighter than neon.

Size with Injection Molding ABS Frame: 22"x13"x1.6", 16.5"x8.7"x1.6', 16"x7"x1.6", 18"x21"x1.6", 16"X16"X1.6", 19"x10"x1", 23"x14"x1.6"/21"x13"x1.6"( Oval shape). It can be customized sizes with accembly PVC frame.

Below are some items for reference, for more items or make customized items please Contact Us freely.

16"x7" Led Open Sign
Model: WL-OL34

16"x7" Led Open SignIndoor use only: yes.Dimension: 16x7x1.6 inches Sign Frame: ..

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16x16 inches Led Cocktails Sign
Model: WL-CL034

16x16 inches Led Cocktails SignIndoor use only: yes.Sign Frame: injection molding ABS fram..

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18"x21" Led Nails Sign
Model: WL-NN006

18"x21" Led Nails SignIndoor use only: yes.Sign Frame: injection molding ABS frame, works&..

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Coca Cola Edge Lit Led Sign
Model: WL-EL08

Coca Cola Edge Lit Led SignSign Base: aluminum alloy base.Light Source: Leds as lighting source.Pane..

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Green and red color Led Pizza Sign
Model: WL-PL02

Green and red color Led Pizza SignIndoor use only: yes.Sign Frame: injection molding ABS f..

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Led Epoxy light box for BAR
Model: WL-EPO01

Led Epoxy light box for BARBody ( backs shell):  blister PVC body or blister ABS body..

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Open and Closed Led Sign
Model: WL-OL08

Open and Closed Led SignIndoor use only: yes.Dimensions:  16x7x1.6 inches.Sign Frame: ..

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Oval Shape LED ATM Sign
Model: WL-AL18

Oval Shape LED ATM SignIndoor use only: yes.Sign Frame: injection molding ABS frame ( ..

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Vertical Led Open Sign
Model: WL-OL04

Vertical Led Open Sign (blue & red color)Indoor use only: yes.Dimensions: 13"x22"x1.6" Sig..

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