Light box

The light box, most of time it means LED electronic light box is the use of high brightness LED, AOTE electronic light box controller/adaptor, acrylic/ABS/aluminum plastic board and aluminum profile composed of electronic signboard.
The Main Feature of led light box:
1. Exquisite appearance, ultra-thin and ultra-light.The lightest light box can be as thin as 2 cm, the lightest light to 0.5kg;
2.  It save more than 70% energy than traditional light box, so that lighting more concentrated, more efficient and energy saving;
3. Unique anti-flash function of light box, longer service lifetime
4. Variable line light source for surface light source, illumination is more uniform, softer, more comfortable vision;
5. Natural light simulative color design, the image is more vivid and pleasing to the eye, the visual effect is more outstanding;
6. High-tech light guide plate technology design, its principle and effect can be comparable to notebook computer LCD display;
7. Make full use of the backlight transmission characteristics of the material, the light release rate is high, the light transmission is more uniform and natural; 
8. fast open the design, the replacement of the lamp piece is simpler and faster;
Applications: Widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, chain stores, restaurants, restaurants, airports, docks, subways, stations, wedding photo studios, exhibition and display projects and other industries.

Below are some items for reference, for more items or make customized items please Contact Us freely.

Boom LED light box for men's showers
Model: WL-LB03

Boom LED light box for men's showersBody: aluminum alloy body,Face: double faces with blister acryli..

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Led Epoxy light box for BAR
Model: WL-EPO01

Led Epoxy light box for BARBody ( backs shell):  blister PVC body or blister ABS body..

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LED Light box with different shape
Model: WL-LB01

LED Light box with different shapeBody: aluminum alloy body or ABS body,Face: single face or do..

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Small bowl bear crisp second generation LED light box
Model: WL-LB02

Small bowl bear crisp second generation LED light boxBody:  blister PVC body or blist..

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